30 October 2010

Intervista: Pier Giorgio De Pinto sul quotidiano La Regione Ticino - Interview: Pier Giorgio De Pinto on the newspaper La Regione Ticino

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La giornalista Paola Pettinati intervista Pier Giorgio De Pinto a proposito della sua nuova nomina di coordinatore al CACT di Bellinzona.

La Regione Ticino - N. 251 Sabato e Domenica 30 e 31 ottobre 2010

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26 October 2010

25 October 2010

Aglaia Haritz at Jungkunst in Winterthur

AGLAIA HARITZ who will be the "carte blanche to" for CACTyou! fanzine issue 1 is one of the participating artists in Jungkunst in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Junge Schweizer kunst Winterthur
Young art exhibition in Winterthur
28. - 31 October 2010

Annual exhibition for young artists with shop, bar,
Lounge, and a lot of music in Winterthur!

The young art serves you "Young Swiss art" on a plate - ready to enjoy.
Discover the works of 22 young artists in a relaxed atmosphere with an exciting lounge and bar as well as concerts and DJ sets.

24 October 2010


The issue zero of CACTyou! fanzine is Coming Soon!

Check Out each day for a little Preview, like this one:

21 October 2010

400 visitors in 4 days!

CACTyou! loves you!

... the best is yet to come!

CACTyou! fanzine is on ch-arts: Swiss Platform for Contemporary Arts!!!

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Plateforme suisse pour les arts contemporains /
Schweizer Plattform für Gegenwartskunst /
Swiss Platform for contemporary arts /

About ch-arts:

ch-arts is a Swiss platform dedicated to contemporary arts and the distribution of related information.

Centralisation and multi-disciplinarity
Designed as a cultural exchange and referral vehicle, the ch-arts site has the mission to centralise and reference various types of resources connected with the visual arts, performing arts, design, graphic arts and architecture.

Trilingual presentation and communication
ch-arts provides overviews of the current state of the contemporary arts in Switzerland, by means of several supplementary sections.
ch-arts introduces artists who are active and recognised on the contemporary Swiss scene, and in parallel provides cultural institutions with a dynamic, trilingual (French, German and English) communication structure to inform various audiences about their activities.

Evolutionary nature of the site
The content presented on ch-arts is a collection of information which is continuously expanding to follow the evolution of their respective domains. The flexible structure of the site makes it possible, at any time, to accommodate new developments in order to complete and enhance this information.

Selectivity and coherence
ch-arts does not claim to provide a complete panorama of all artistic output, but is rather a discerning and coherent set of information. Therefore, the content is chosen according to the criteria selected by the editors and the Steering Committee.

The selection of articles is governed by three criteria:

ch-arts presents artists and institutions established in Switzerland, or international institutions featuring Swiss artists.
The artists and works presented on ch-arts are contemporary - the site is mainly concerned with creation from the eighties to the present day.
The artists and institutions mentioned on ch-arts are active in at least one of the domains involved (visual arts, performing arts, design, graphic arts, architecture) and demonstrate a contemporary approach in their own disciplines. They have achieved recognition at regional, national or international level via bona fide channels.

Source:  http://www.ch-arts.net/script/charts.Content?callmode=ch-arts

18 October 2010

CACTyou! fanzine #0

CACTyou! Fanzine #0

“To recognize the impressive sociological, political and cultural liberating power of art!”

Already now and regularly beginning in 2011 the CACT Centre of Contemporary Art in Canton Ticino launches beside the exhibition season a new program of events, lectures, video screenings and book presentations. At the same time, already starting in November, the Centre will be publisher every three months of a special editorial product: the CACTyou! Fanzine. Entirely hand-made and limited edition (70 issues), the Fanzine is a Carte Blanche, carried out by International artists by invitation. The number 0 of CACTyou! Fanzine (November 2010) is conceived and made by the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto and entitled PERSONA. Besides, this first edition contains a special project flyer (A3), Faccialibro (Facebook), signed by the artist.
The CACTyou! Fanzine #1 (February 2011) will be carried out by Aglaia Haritz.

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Già da ora e a partire in maniera regolare dal 2011 il CACT Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Ticino lancia, parallelamente alla sua stagione espositiva, un programma di eventi, conferenze, rassegne video e presentazioni di libri. Contemporaneamente alla scaletta di manifestazioni, il Centro dà vita, a partire dal mese di novembre, a uno speciale prodotto editoriale trimestrale: la CACTyou! Fanzine. In tiratura limitata (70 esemplari) ed eseguita interamente a mano, essa è una Carte Blanche che il CACT affida ad artisti internazionali su invito. Il numero 0 di CACTyou! Fanzine (novembre 2010) è realizzato per l’occasione dall’artista Pier Giorgio De Pinto e titolato PERSONA. Questa prima edizione contiene, inoltre, un progetto speciale in formato A3, Faccialibro, firmato dall’artista.
La CACTyou! Fanzine #1 (febbraio 2011) verrà realizzata dall’artista Aglaia Haritz.
Mario Casanova, 2010

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17 October 2010

New co-ordinator at CACT Centro d'Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Bellinzona

The CACT Centre of Contemporary Art in Canton Ticino is pleased to announce that the artist Pier Giorgio De Pinto has been appointed co-ordinator in charge of the events and other initiatives beside the exhibition program of our Centre. Born in 1968, De Pinto will also take care, starting in November 2010, of the fanzine edition CACTyou!; each issue will be created by an international artist.
Through this new proposal, the CACT aims to boost the professional diffusion of contemporary art and thinking outside the official institutions.
Mario Casanova, dir.
October 6th 2010 <

Il CACT Centro d’Arte Contemporanea Ticino ha il piacere di annunciare la nomina dell’artista Pier Giorgio De Pinto quale coordinatore e responsabile degli eventi e di altre iniziative collaterali alle attività espositive del nostro Centro. Nato nel 1968, De Pinto si occuperà, inoltre, a partire dal mese di novembre 2010, dell’edizione di fanzine CACTyou!, ogni volta realizzate da un artista internazionale.
Con questa nuova proposta, il CACT intende incentivare la diffusione professionale dell’arte e del pensiero contemporanei al di fuori dei canali istituzionali.
Mario Casanova, dir.
6 Ottobre 2010 <